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BaNd - the new performing arts network

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BaNd network is a Baltic/Nordic contemporary performing arts platform for exchange, action and reflection beyond one’s own genre and artistic perspectives.    

The platform will initiate and foster long-term artistic collaborations whilst raising artistic responsibility among young generation performing arts and interdisciplinary practitioners from the Baltic and Nordic countries, and beyond. The initiative for this network came from 8 performing art organizations aiming to establish a strong network capable of implementing a series of multidisciplinary workshops for young professionals. Following the outcome, the network will aim at generating, co-producing and touring new work by interdisciplinary artistic teams from Baltic/Nordic region.

Institutions involved:
New Theatre Institute of Latvia / Latvia
Q-teatteri / Finland
Teatteri Metamorfoosi / Finland
PERFORM - A Nordic Workshop Platform by Rickard Borgström / Norway
Theatre and Cinema Information and Education centre / Lithuania
Centre for Practice as research in theatre, University of Tampere / Finland
Von Krahl Theatre / Estonia
Teaterhuset AvantGarden / Norway
Inkonst / Sweden   

Supported by www.kknord.org



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