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About us

The Theatre and Cinema Information and Education Centre is NGO founded in 1997 by theatre critics Audronis Liuga and Ramunė Marcinkevičiūtė as well as film critic Živilė Pipinytė. It's goals are to initiate and put into practice innovative performing arts projects that encourage artistic and infrastructural changes of the culture life in Lithuania. The activities of the Centre are targeted towards new creative ideas and developments of independent performing arts organisations in Lithuania. Director of the Centre is Audronis Liuga.

In order to achieve it's goals, the Centre initiates and realises long and short term projects. One of the major initiative of the Centre is the New Drama Project lounched in 1998 and targeted at introducing new artistical ideas as well as innovative creative models in to Lithuanian theatre. The Centre continuously collecting the database on contemporary Lithuanian and foreign plays and encourages they staging in Lithuanian theatres. Since 1999 the Centre organising the international theatre festival New Drama Action (NDA). The production branch of the Centre Audronis Liuga Production producing and performing in Lithuania and abroad selected contemporary Lithuanian and foreign plays. The Centre held seminars participating in international networks and artistic collaborative projects. The Centre also organises or co-organises educational film projects, film retrospectives and creative workshops.

The Centre realises its projects through the co-operation with Lithuanian and international artists, performing arts networks and organizations. Activities of the Centre are supported by Lithuanian State as well as international funds.




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